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12″ x 24″ Foil Sheet with Adhesive or 12″ x 24″ Adhesive only

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Adhesive/Heat Transfer Foil

  • Mirror/Reverse design before cutting
  • Cut with the Adhesive side (dull side) facing upwards and plastic carrier (shiny side) facing down
  • Use a very low pressure cut; do a test cut until the design weeds easily
  • Weed away excess material leaving only the design on the adhesive carrier for heat transferring
  • With your scissors cut a piece of foil that is slightly larger than the adhesive design and set aside
  • Preheat garment prior to application.  Position weeded Adhesive design on garment with the carrier side up
  • Place Kraft cover sheet over design
  • Press using Adhesive Application instructions below; Very Important to PEEL HOT
  • Carefully place foil over the Adhesive design and make sure it is completely covered
  • Place Kraft cover sheet over design and apply heat using Foil Application instructions below

Adhesive Application Instructions

Time: 3-5 seconds, peel hot
Temperature: 300°F/149°C
Pressure Firm: Light (20 PSI)

Foil Application Instructions

Time: 8-10 seconds, peel cold
Temperature: 300°F/149°C
Pressure Firm: Firm (60-70 psi)




Foil/Adhesive Combo, Adhesive Carrier Only


Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Bright Silver, Leopard, Amethyst, Copper, Green, Orange, Pink, Classic Rainbow, Red, Sapphire Blue, Teal, Black, Silver Champagne, Coral, Silver Cracked Ice, Kiwi, Bright Gold, Light Rose, Maroon, Navy, Silver Pixie Dust, Silver Scales, Silver Waterfall


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